280 North Midland Ave. Bldg W. Suite 138
Saddle Brook, NJ
Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy
18-02 River Rd.  Fairlawn, NJ



​​Please let us know if you are interested in selling these items at your club, school or other. 
We are also working on other items so stay tuned.
Please email us if interested: fencersboutinghunger@gmail.com

You can find FBH items at the following locations:
Gutkovskiy Fencing Academy in Fairlawn, NJ
The Blue Gauntlet in Saddle Brook, NJ 
Northern Highlands via the High School Fencing Team
All National Tournaments - The Blue Gauntlet booth

 We are selling Fencers Bouting  Hunger T-shirts. The proceeds  from one T-shirt will help to  provide 63 meals to people in  need. 
 Each shirt cost $15

 We are also selling Fencers  Bouting Hunger arm Patches.  The Proceeds from one patch  will help to provide 21 meals to  people in need. 
Each patch costs $5