​Congratulations to Jackson Baker and the Phoenix Falcons for setting up a food donation site at their club. Donations will be made to the Foothills Food Bank in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Also, congratulations on selling FBH tee shirts and patches. Stay tuned for pictures and results of their food drive. Way to go Jackson!

A big congratulations are in order here..

So far The MorganSchool has collected over 1000 Lbs. of non perishable food over the course of 2 years !

Bet you can't beat them..go ahead give it a try, your community food pantry will be happy.

The Morgan School Fencing Club

Fencers bouting hunger

Mission Fencing Center in Rocky Point, NY is starting a  FBH food drive at their club to help provide food to people in need. They will be donating all the food to their local food bank. Stay tuned to see how they do.

For a second year, the Montana Fencing Clubs are hosting an all-day training event on March 22 and 23rd for Inland Empire Division fencers age 9 and above. Stay tuned for pictures from the event. They will also be selling FBH sweatshirts and arm patches. 

Look how easy it is to set up a food drive in your club, all you need is a box and some signs, and we can help you with the signs! Contact us we will help you get started. So far at GFA we have collected over 100 bags of food. Go ahead, try to beat our record!

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