The Morgan School Fencing Club

Clinton, CT

Congratulations to The Morgan School Fencing Club in Clinton, CT. For the second year in a row they have collected over 538 lbs. of canned and dry goods for a two year total of over 1000 lbs.  They donate the food to their local community  soup kitchen as well as to their local community food pantry. They have collected food at their home matches, their annual invitational tournament and will continue to collect food for the rest of the season. They even waived the entry fee if your brought food with you to donate. Keep up the great work!

So far you are in the lead for the most food collected! 

Any one else want to try and beat them? Contact us to find out how.

Our Mission is to help those people in our communities who need it the most. We recognize how fortunate we are and we want to pay it forward and give back. We know we can make a difference. One can at a time, one meal at a time.

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round food drive gets so much attention. Cuts in Federal funding has resulted in a greater demand for food with diminishing supplies. You can make a difference. Contact us if you are interested in setting up a food drive.


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